Caring for your fur and leather coats is the key to preserving them. These simple steps below are easy to do, and will keep them looking new and beautiful for years.

We have provided a list of different coats/garments and the ways to care for them. Simply click on the coat/garment type to jump to the corresponding information on this page. If you have any questions contact us by phone, email, or visiting the store. To receive special offers on our services sign up for our newsletter.



Regardless of use, it should be cleaned every year. Similar to human hair, fur absorbs odors and dirt very easily. By cleaning annually, you will prevent the coat from retaining an odor and damaging your coat permanently.


Returns the sheen to the coat, giving it that "Brand New" look. If the coat is worn it should be done every year. Otherwise you can skip a year when the coat goes unused.


Professional Cold Storage is always recommended. The enviroment shold be 58% humidity and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If storing the coat at home use a broad hanger, and do not cover the coat with plastic. Plastic, which has no pores for air ventalation, will prevent the coat from breathing. This will cause drying of the skins, and will prematurely age the coat. Cloth covers are recommended.



Wipe with a cotton cloth to remove any suface dirt. Oil on a yearly basis to prevent the skin from drying out and wrinkling. *Leather skins might look differently after treating with a leather oil. Please check the label on the jacket for instructions, and or test the oil on a small unseen part of the jacket (i.e. inside of jacket, underside of collar).


Be sure not to store the coat or garment in a dry place; make sure there is some humidity present. The leather will otherwise dry out, and smooth skinned coats will become wrinkled and unsightly.



Cleaning:Spot clean with a brush. A horse-hair-and-metal shearling brush is recommended. Professionally Clean every three years.


Make sure to store in a place with room for air to circulate freely around the coat. A closet is fine, as long as it is not overpacked.



Professionally dry clean woolens, check care tag for instructions and warnings.


The following materials are needed; Garment boxes, blue tissue paper and moth balls. White tissue paper should be avoided. The bleaching process leaves chemicals in the paper that can damage the garment. After having the garments Dry-cleaned, place them in the boxes and cover with the blue tissue paper. Then place the mothballs on top of the paper, in a ratio of one pound of Crytals to 100 cubic feet of space. If garment bags are used, moth cakes will be needed. If you are unable to find one, it is possible to make your own. Just place crystals in a sock and hang from a top the bag.


We know how important your coats are to you, and understand how hard it is to part with them. So don't give up so easily on the ones you love and let us help. No matter what the damage, bring in your coat or call us. We will try to fix your torn, stained, and or worn coat as good as new. We have years of experience with Fur/leather garments so please visit or call us today!


It doesn't matter how beautiful a coat is, if it doesn't fit right it just won't look that way. We can help with any alterations you may need. We have years of experience and a professional tailor on the premises. Please visit or call us today!